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Tractor Seat
These are the nice premium seats that are selling on a competitor's site for $99. Includes fully adjustable brackets. Just pull your seat pivot pin, remove your old seat, put the pivot pin back in , and your done! A true 5 minute job. Seat has a drain hole in the bottom to keep YOUR seat dry after the rain.

FITS ALMOST ALL ISEKI TRACTORS INCLUDING: TX1300 TX1300 TX1410 TX1410 TX1500 TX1500 TX1510 TX1510 TX1600 TX1600 TX1700 TX1700 TX2140 TX2140 TX2160 TX2160 TL1900 TL1900 TL1901 TL1901 TL2100 TL2100 TL2101 TL2101 TL2300 TL2300 TL2301 TL2301 TL2500 TL2500 TL2501 TL2501 TL2700 TL2700 TS1610 TS1610 TS1700 TS1700 TS1910 TS1910 TS2100 TS2100 TS2200 TS2200 TS2202 TS2202 TS2210 TS2210 TS2220 TS2220 TU1400 TU1400 TU1500 TU1500 TU1600 TU1600 TU1700 TU1700 TU1900 TU1900 TU2100 TU2100 TU150- TU160- TU170- TU180- TU200- TU220- TU240- TA210- TA230- TA250- TA270- TA530-

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New Water Pump - includes gasket

Replaces Iseki: 6213-610-001-00
This pump has 6 mounting bolt holes. There are a small handfull of these tractors that use a 7 bolt pump which this will NOT fit.

Fits: HL1900, HL2400, HL2500, TA270-, TA230-, TA250-, TA270-, TL1900, TL1901, TL2100, TL2101, TL2300, TL2301, TL2500, TL2501, TL2700, TL2701, TU180-, TU200-, TU220-, TU240- -